Is Purple My Color?

Years ago, I read that there was a guide to colors of eye shadow one should wear based on your eye color. While I do not remember all of the rules, I remember that those with blue eyes should wear neutral to make the blue of their eyes pop more...while those with brown eyes (like … Continue reading Is Purple My Color?


What Lies Beneath

This is what happens when you watch too many SFX videos on Instagram followed by some annoyance at work. While I'm not sure the final product truly conveyed what I was picturing, it was not a bad start. If I did it over again (and I most likely would), I would add some more edging … Continue reading What Lies Beneath

Look Ma! I put on fake flashes…kinda…

Welp, I have returned from the land of the semi-dead. Seriously, I considered drilling into my face at one point if it would give me some pressure relief. That's neither here nor there and we got make up to discuss...starting with yesterdays... Holiday party with the in-laws mean that I wanted to keep things on … Continue reading Look Ma! I put on fake flashes…kinda…